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Work From Home


Since organizations may not have ample number of laptops for remote workers, employees may be able to supply their device if they could be enabled to securely access business applications and systems. If new laptops can be shipped to employees, remote workers need to be able to install a management agent that enables the IT staff to deploy critical business and security applications remotely.

The CISO and security teams must continue to protect sensitive data while teleworking. Additionally, IT and Security operations must continue to work together to patch and remediate vulnerabilities quickly.

Traditional remote access solutions were architected to accommodate traveling employees and occasional access from home, not the entire workforce. Now, IT must rapidly scale their remote access solutions to accommodate most if not all the organization’s workforce.



Enable employees to work on a BYOD device, a freshly procured new device shipped straight from the vendor, or any repurposed office system. Simplified enrollment and workstation set up are initiated by clicking a link in an email sent from the IT staff.


Auto deploy business-critical and security applications and provide a Self-Service App Store to streamline installation of additional business applications.


Keep devices secure while off the corporate network with continuous patching. Secure and comply with internal, corporate policies including password policy as well as helping maintain compliance with industry standards such as PCI, CIS, and DISA STIG


Provide remote deskside support and training with Remote Desktop Control.

To enable these capabilities, 2TS is providing the BigFix Work From Home Solution built upon the proven BigFix platform. It rapidly enables government agencies and organizations of all types to securely manage remote workers’ workstations so that employees can continue to work and ensure that operations continue unabated without creating unnecessary security risks.

These core capabilities are packaged to create an integrated, BigFix Work From Home Solution. It supports the on-premise client workstations, as well as workstations used by remote workers, whether owned by employees or employers.

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