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Carbon Black Cloud 

Enterprise EDR


VMware Carbon Black Enterprise EDR is an advanced threat hunting and incident response solution delivering continuous visibility for top security operations centers (SOCs) and incident response (IR) teams. Enterprise EDR is delivered through the VMware Carbon Black Cloud, a next-generation endpoint protection platform that consolidates security in the cloud using a single agent, console and dataset.


Greatly reduced dwell time and average time to resolution

Complete understanding of root cause to close existing gaps

Easy deployment, automated updates, and elastic scalability

Secure remote access for investigations

Using data continuously collected and sent to the VMware Carbon Black Cloud, Enterprise EDR provides immediate access to the most complete picture of an attack at all times, reducing lengthy investigations from days to minutes. This empowers teams to proactively hunt for threats, uncover suspicious behavior, disrupt active attacks and address gaps in defenses before attackers can.

Along with continuous visibility, Enterprise EDR gives you the power to respond and remediate in real time, stopping active attacks and repairing damage quickly.

Key Capabilities

Complete Endpoint Protection Platform

Built on the VMware Carbon Black Cloud, Enterprise EDR provides advanced threat hunting and incident response functionality from the same agent and console as our NGAV, EDR and real-time query solutions, allowing your team to consolidate multiple point products with a converged platform

Continuous & Centralized Recording

Centralized access to continuously collected data means that security professionals have all the information they need to hunt threats in real time as well as conduct in-depth investigations after a breach has occurred.

Attack Chain Visualization & Search

Enterprise EDR provides intuitive attack chain visualization to make identifying root cause fast and easy. Analysts can quickly jump through each stage of an attack to gain insight into the attacker’s behavior, close security gaps, and learn from every new attack technique to avoid falling victim to the same attack twice.

Live Response for Remote Remediation

With Live Response, incident responders can create a secure connection to infected hosts to pull or push files, kill processes, perform memory dumps and quickly remediate from anywhere in the world. 

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