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AgentX/2TS offers a rich portfolio of products and
services that are organised and address customer needs
in a uniquely manner. 

About AgentX

AgentX was purpose-built to work efficiently within these types of environments. As you can see from the diagram, AgentX Agents can be deployed on all types of devices, whether those are running Windows, Windows Mobile, different flavours of UNIX, Linux or Mac. The AgentX Agent is the “brains” of the AgentX Unified Management Platform and continuously assesses the state of the endpoint against the policy, whether connected to the network or not. As soon as it notices that an endpoint is out of compliance with a policy or checklist, it informs the AgentX server and executes the configured remediation strategy, and immediately notifies the AgentX Server of task status (completed, in process, not completed). The AgentX Server manages policy content – delivered in messages called “AgentX Fixlets” and updated continuously via the AgentX Content Delivery cloud-based service 

– and enables the AgentX Operator to maintain real-time visibility and control over all devices in the environment – including the instantaneous discovery of devices that aren’t managed by AgentX. Because most of the analysis, processing and enforcement work is done by the AgentX Agent rather than the Server, ONE AgentX Server can support more than 200K endpoints, enabling customers to make the most of their security and systems management investment. Whatever specific AgentX solution a customer uses – whether it’s endpoint protection, systems lifecycle management or security configuration and vulnerability management – it’s delivered via a single management console view. Additionally, new services can be provisioned and delivered via the AgentX Content Delivery cloud with no additional hardware or software installations or network changes.

AgentX Security

A leader in ensuring your information is always protected – in transit, at rest, and in use, preventing access by unauthorized users and developing intelligence to identify misuse by those allowed.

AgentX/2TS “Crown Jewels” Protection Program

To a world accustomed to multiple, fragmented technologies and point solutions, AgentX offers an alternative: the industry’s only single console, a single-agent platform that addresses operations, security, and compliance initiatives in real-time and at a global scale.

Cloud Security.

AgentX/2TS helps you plan, deploy and manage security as you move workloads and data to the cloud, and consume security from the cloud to lower costs, increase flexibility, and gain visibility

Safeguard transactions

In support of the critical role of the CISO, AgentX/2TS Security helps accelerate your ability to outthink threats with security innovation that uniquely incorporates key innovations such as cognitive, cloud, and collaboration.

Cognitive Security.

AgentX/2TS is unmatched in analytics to gain visibility and defend against advanced threats. Our offerings are strengthened by cognitive systems that understand, reason, and learn to help analysts resolve incidents quickly.


AgentX/2TS offers real-time threat intelligence crowdsourced from X-Force and a community of 14K+ users, as well as a security app marketplace to help your analysts stay ahead of the threat

Immune system approach.

Disconnected point products and services are expensive, hard to manage, and cannot solve today’s challenges. AgentX/2TS Security helps you establish a security immune system backed by analytics, real-time defences and proven experts, so you can make strategic decisions about how to safeguard your business.

What makes AgentX unique

  • Security Operations and Response
    Defend against advanced threats throughout the entire attack lifecycle. Prevent, detect, and respond to known and unknown threats across your organization with a single collaborative and cognitive platform.
  • Turn big data into actionable security intelligence
  • Deploy next-generation defences built and tested on the front-lines
  • Respond quickly when breaches occur
  • Collaborate to stay ahead of the threat

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AgentX/2TS Security is the most comprehensive solution in the
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