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Carbon Black Cloud 

Manage Detection


Carbon Black Cloud Managed Detection provides a much needed view into attacks with recommendations for the policy changes needed to remediate the threat. Managed Detection Analysts notify service subscribers via email of threats and provide specific policy changes to address the threat in Carbon Black Cloud Next Gen AV and Behavioral EDR. Built directly on the Carbon Black Cloud platform, CB Managed Detection is staffed by a world-class team of security experts who monitor and analyze the data in the Carbon Black Cloud using advanced machine learning and algorithmic tool sets. Offered as a managed service, Managed Detection provides a world-class team of Carbon Black security experts who with your organization to validate and prioritize alerts, uncover new threats and accelerate investigations.


More efficient and proactive security operations

More actionable alerts, reducing alert fatigue
Reduced time spent investigating root cause

Alleviation of staffing with 24×7 support

Key Capabilities

Threat Validation and Insight

With 24x7x365 coverage, your team can have true peace of mind knowing that nothing will slip through the cracks. Carbon Black’s security experts proactively validate alerts and send email notifications, helping to assure that your team doesn’t miss the alerts that matter.

Roadmap to Root Cause

Carbon Black Managed Detection provides additional, human-generated context to Carbon Black NGAV and Behavioral EDR alerts, such as connecting alerts caused by the same root cause, to help you streamline investigations and resolve security issues

Outbreak Advisories

Carbon Black’s Threat Analysis Unit constantly monitors threat trends across the globe. When widespread and newsworthy outbreaks occur our team sends out advisories that include indicators of compromise, giving your team a jump start on assessing risk and closing gaps.

Monthly Reporting

Our Carbon Black Managed Detection experts provide monthly reports that summarize activity across your environment, including the most common suspicious events and most targeted machines.

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