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Sustaining Service Program


In order to secure the IT landscape, IT Managers and CIO’s have been acquiring fragmented and dispersed technologies over the years to address the many challenges their complex environments face. Clients have as many as 85 different security products from 45 different vendors. All of them have to be installed, configured, learned, managed, patched and upgraded. Given the lack of skilled resources to help manage the security and IT Landscape, it compounds the challenge even further. This ad-hoc approach is costly and complex, yet many organizations think that if they have coverage in these areas, then they’re protected. The coverage is important – True, but are they integrated, working together across multiple teams, locations, and platforms? Do they offer the visibility needed to confidently claim the organization is protected? Realistically, how can any security professional gain any valuable insight and control when all they see is this type of operational complexity?

Disconnected point products and services are expensive, hard to manage, and cannot solve today’s challenges. We help you establish a security immune system backed by analytics, real-time defenses and proven experts, so you can make strategic decisions about how to safeguard your business.


The Sustaining Services Program (SSP) offerings are local services that provide both additional and specialized support for all our solutions in addition to the manufacturer’s global Subscription and Support (S&S). The SSP offerings focus on the vertical depth of support, and feature a personalised relationship with our technical experts, remote as well as on-site assistance and knowledge transfers, for a multi-product and multi-vendor service across the horizontal breadth of the IT environments to maximize IT infrastructure availability.

Our Offering

Proactive problem prevention and knowledge transfer
Situation management and reporting
Assigned technical analyst
Account management
Optional or planned on-site days
Remote technical advice hours
Event-specific after-hours support for all severities

We believe that having your business is both a privilege and a responsibility. With the Sustaining Services program we strive to maintain that business by providing you with solutions to your information technology problems. We also recognize that to enable you to concentrate on your core business issues, it is crucial that we provide best in class security services that complement our information system solutions.

As the Sustaining Services Program is aimed at complimenting, and not replacing, the customer’s staff in fulfilling the functional responsibilities, remote technical support is the primary delivery method. However, where mutually agreed and possible, onsite service is delivered at no additional cost, while operating within the committed number of hours for the specific tier selected by the customer. Where these hours are exceeded, costing will be on a Time and Material basis.