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Tenable.ep provides complete and continuous visibility
into your cyber risks in a single, unified platform. 


For the first time, you can identify every asset and exposure, predict which vulnerabilities are most likely to be exploited on your critical assets, and act to address critical risks and improve process maturity to secure your organization. All without the need to purchase separate products and manage different licensing models.

Key Benefits

Deliver Unified Visibility

Eliminate blind spots to see your entire attack surface – including IT assets, cloud services, Active Directory domains, operational technology (OT) devices, modern web apps and containers.

Understand Cyber Risk

Provide an objective measure of cyber risk across the organization to make more informed decisions.

Improve Effectiveness

Identify areas of process improvement by comparing your cyber risk and vulnerability management maturity metrics to industry peers.

Flexible Licensing

Allocate product licenses according to your unique attack surface needs, and modify that allocation whenever necessary or desired.

Tenable.ep combines Tenable.io Vulnerability Management, Tenable.io Web Application Scanning, Tenable.cs, Tenable.ad and Tenable Lumin – all in a single platform. Take advantage of a single, flexible asset-based licensing model for simple procurement and easy deployment. Get a unified, risk-based view of all your vulnerability data in a single dashboard to accurately prioritize the vulnerabilities and remediations that matter most. Gain insights into how you are performing on your mission to reduce cyber risk over time. And measure the maturity of your organization’s security processes to understand problem areas and improve efficiency.

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