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POPIA made Easy For Professionals


This service involves the protection of data at the entry point and/or where the data resides – in both cases and always the endpoint. Restrict & Prevent unauthorised access to Client data from anywhere.

Our POPIA ready offering for Professionals:

Business compliance:

The process by which the practice and all personnel, internal & external,  securely handles and controls the patient information and data to keep such information confidential.

  • POPI client consent form
  • POPI policy and PAIA manual
  • Template operator agreement
  • Registration of information officer
  • POPI information training session
  • Bi-Annual reassessment

Device Protection

This service involves the protection of data at the entry point and/or where the data resides. Restrict & Prevent unauthorised access to Client data from anywhere.

  • NGAV – Antivirus
  • EDR protection
  • Patch Management and reports
  • Disk Encryption
  • Encryption Key  management
  • Password Enforcement

Backups (Optional) 

A copy of data taken and stored elsewhere. Used to restore the original after a data loss event.


  • 100GB Storage
  • Daily Backups
  • Cloud backups

Our Solution

  • Implement a POPI customer consent form for customers to sign whereby customers consent to the processing of their personal information
  • Conducting POPI training with the staff within your business to ensure that such staff understand the obligations which POPI places on your business
  • Implement a POPI policy and PAIA manual which sets out your approach to keeping the personal information of a customer safe, secure and confidential and setting out the procedure for third parties to gain access to the personal information of customers in terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000
  • Implement an operator agreement to be in place with all service providers and third parties who process personal information of customers which regulates the manner in which such third parties process the personal information of the customers


Intelligent client/application resident on the device.

Only requiring communication with service provider for updating of policies and rules.

Zero Touch

Set and forget, but know that you also have specialized cyber security experts looking after you, in addition to the client and all platform services – 24/7.

Continuous Protection & Compliance

Whether off-line, over the internet, or on the practice network.

Privacy of User Information, Content, & Data 

Maintained at all times, as all actions are managed on the device through policies and rules.

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Zero Disruption 

Always, other than when a threat is detected, or those caused by your applications on your device, unless and only if a threat is detected.

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Peace of Mind

We warrant the quality of our solution. If your device is breached from an external source, while our solution is active on your device – our warranty will take effect.

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