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Behind every breach headline is an insecure Active Directory (AD) deployment.


80% of attacks use AD to perform lateral movement and privilege escalation; 60% of new malware includes codes to target AD misconfigurations. AD has become the favored target for attackers to elevate privileges and facilitate lateral movement through leveraging known flaws and misconfigurations. Unfortunately, most organizations struggle with Active Directory security due to misconfigurations piling up as domains increase in complexity, leaving security teams unable to find and fix flaws before they become business-impacting issues. Tenable.ad enables you to see every change in your Active Directory, predict which anomalies or weaknesses carry the greatest risk, and act to disrupt critical attack paths before attackers exploit them.

Challenges with Securing Active Directory

The constant changes in Active Directory (AD) in every company limits visibility to the AD attack surface and frequently introduces new attack pathways. Few security teams have enough visibility and context to find and remediate AD misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. Trying harder doesn’t help. The size and complexity of most AD implementations make manual monitoring impractical and real-time detection of attacks impossible. Incident response and threat hunting is hampered because teams can’t see all the hidden misconfigurations and interconnected relationships.

Consequences of Weak Active Directory Security

Successful breaches are usually followed by attacks on Active Directory to escalate privileges, move laterally, install malware and exfiltrate data. Attackers can successfully hide these advances from logs and other monitoring tools since their movements through Active Directory appear compliant within existing security policies. The high cost of weak AD security hits when attackers successfully deliver payloads that result in data loss, ransom demands, environment reconstruction or brand impact.

Key Benefits

Uncover any hidden weaknesses within your Active Directory configurations

Discover the underlying issues threatening your AD security

Dissect each misconfiguration – in simple terms management maturity metrics to industry peers.

Visualize every threat from an accurate attack timeline

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