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Managed Services


In order to secure the IT landscape, IT Managers and CIO’s have been acquiring fragmented and dispersed technologies over the years to address the many challenges their complex environments face. Clients have as many as 85 different security products from 45 different vendors. All of them have to be installed, configured, learned, managed, patched and upgraded. Given the lack of skilled resources to help manage the security and IT Landscape, it compounds the challenge even further. This ad-hoc approach is costly and complex, yet many organizations think that if they have coverage in these areas, then they’re protected. The coverage is important – True, but are they integrated, working together across multiple teams, locations, and platforms? Do they offer the visibility needed to confidently claim the organization is protected? Realistically, how can any security professional gain any valuable insight and control when all they see is this type of operational complexity?

Disconnected point products and services are expensive, hard to manage, and cannot solve today’s challenges. We help you establish a security immune system backed by analytics, real-time defenses and proven experts, so you can make strategic decisions about how to safeguard your business.


Our Managed Services is a scalable solution that will keep organisation’s systems at peak operating capabilities at an affordable cost.

Our Managed Services are coupled with a consumption-based delivery model based on-premise or in the cloud. Managed Services are an approach which allows organisation to focus on their primary business, while knowing that your business and data are protected at the point of entry and/or where the data is at rest. Irrespective whether on the corporate network, or on a secure remote connect, or over the internet or off the network.


Most cost effective and efficient security solution irrespective of location
Benefit from a Cybersecurity warranty
Cybersecurity experts managing and administrating your endpoint security
Better control of all assets and utilisation of corporate resources
Comprehensive reporting
Reduced complexity
Mutually agreed and relevant Service Level Agreements (SLA)
Compliancy with industry standard security frameworks