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Tenable Nessus

Nessus Agents™ compliment traditional scanning to
give you visibility into additional IT assets


Nessus Agents™ compliment traditional scanning to give you visibility into additional IT assets—like endpoints, and other remote assets that intermittently connect to the internet. They collect asset and system information and send it back to Tenable.io® or Tenable.sc™ (formerly SecurityCenter) for analysis. You get a low footprint agent that extends scan coverage and increases scan flexibility.

Key Benefits

Remove credential headaches – once deployed, agents no longer require host credentials to run future scans.

Reduce network scan performance overhead

Easy to deploy and can be installed anywhere

Highly secure – including leveraging encryption to protect your data


You can’t protect what you can’t see. Digitization and the everexpanding enterprise have changed the security landscape. As the boundaries of the traditional workplace expand, and organizations adopt an increasingly mobile workforce, the lack of visibility into your IT environment is a major challenge.

Scan performance and host accessibility are also a challenge. Many organizations have employees who telecommute or bring their laptops home at night. Because traditional scanning solutions required systems to be accessible when a scan was executed, if those laptops weren’t VPN-connected when a scan was happening, they wouldn’t get scanned, leaving you blind to their vulnerabilities.

Nessus Agents compliment traditional scanning to extend your scan coverage and give you visibility into all assets.

Using Nessus Agents helps solve these problems. Nessus Agents are a lightweight program that can be installed on any asset—in the cloud or on-prem—to perform scans and collect vulnerability and compliance data from hard to reach assets.

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