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CyberFOCUS Analytics from BigFix
Gartner on a Business Approach to Cybersecurity

BigFix is the first and only solution currently in the market that has the PLA feature and capability built into the Endpoint Vulnerability Management module! Cybersecurity is a business issue, not a technical one, according to 88% of boards of directors surveyed. In fact, cybersecurity is now the number-one spend item on the technology investment list. Cybersecurity must be treated as a business decision. Organizations must stop investing in security tools and start investing in outcomes. Treating cybersecurity as a business decision requires aligning Protection Levels Agreements (PLA) with desired business outcomes to drive business-led cybersecurity investment. CIOs and senior IT executives must be able to communicate the risks, value and cost of cybersecurity to their board of directors.

BigFix Video
Can’t get to grips with all the cybersecurity acronyms and abbreviations?

Battling to differentiate between NGAV, MDM, EDR, MFA, and what you actually need, which threat it will address and when? Let 2TS demystify cybersecurity for you.

Nozomi Networks Video
The only single integrated UEM solution for all your OT, ICT and IoT needs.

That is the problem industrial and critical infrastructure organizations are facing as they attempt to manoeuvre through a constantly evolving landscape with near-zero visibility.

Zero Trust 2TS | Guardium | Secret Server

We offer Zero Trust solutions that utilize Guardium and Secret Server to help organisations infuse identity as a central pillar of a Zero Trust strategy to provide both a frictionless and secure experience for every user, all while giving employees the right level of access and privileges.

Endpoint Security
Endpoint Management and Security - "AgentX" by TTS…built on internationally trusted, world-class, and leading technology.

Protect your endpoints today by using AgentX the one platform for all your endpoints

Data Security
TTS Video Data Security & Identity Protection

Are you a business owner or the person in an organisation responsible for data security? We’re Thuthukani Technology Solutions and here’s an important message about Data Security and Identity Protection.

Vulnerability Remediation-as-a-Service

Cybercrime has increased by over 600% since the start of the pandemic. Luckily we have recently introduced Vulnerability-Remediation-as-a-Service (vRaas).