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Modern web applications continue to be a challenge for organizations
to secure as developers build increasingly complex business
applications faster than ever.

Web App Scanning

Many organizations are releasing new or updated web applications multiple times per day, each containing multiple vulnerabilities on average. Often outnumbered by developers by 100:1, security teams are struggling to keep up, and many web applications are not assessed for security issues until it’s too late. Lack of application security skills and resources inhibit many organizations from adequately defending against cyberthreats.

But yet another standalone security product isn’t the answer. Security leaders must have visibility into the security of all of their web applications as part of a comprehensive Cyber Exposure solution to gain a complete view of their security and compliance posture.

Key Benefits

Rapid Security Assessments

 Deliver immediate value with fast web application scans to discover common security hygiene issues that run in two minutes or less.

Reduce Product Sprawl

Gain visibility into your true cyber risks across your modern attack surface as part of the Tenable Cyber Exposure platform to decrease complexity and product sprawl.

Remove Security Blind Spots

 Scan all of your applications, including those built using modern web frameworks, such as JavaScript, AJAX, HTML5 and Single Page Applications.

Improve Scanning Confidence

Deliver highly accurate results with minimal false positives and negatives, giving you and your developers confidence that your reports are accurate.

Whether purchased as a standalone module to Tenable.io, or as a core component of the Tenable Exposure Platform (Tenable.ep), Tenable.io Web Application Scanning provides this visibility as part of a comprehensive Cyber Exposure solution. The product delivers safe and automated vulnerability scanning to that can easily scale to cover the entire online portfolio, so security professionals can rapidly assess their web applications without heavy manual effort. Tenable.io Web Application Scanning provides high detection rates with minimal false positives, ensuring you understand the true cyber risks in your web applications.

Vulnerability Management

Whether purchased as a standalone solution, or as a core component of the Tenable Exposure Platform (Tenable.ep), Tenable.io gives you a risk-based view of your entire attack surface- from IT to cloud to OT and containers- so you can quickly identify, investigate and prioritize vulnerabilities. You get immediate visibility so you can understand your risk and know which vulnerabilities to fix first

Key Benefits

Continuous Visibility

Continuously track known and unknown assets and their vulnerabilities. Identify threats and unexpected network changes before they turn into breaches.

Maximize ROI

Eliminate double- or triple-counting of assets that have multiple IP addresses with the industry’s first asset-based.

Boost Productivity

Take advantage of the SaaS-based solution to run your initial assessments in less than 5 minutes without the IT hardware or maintenance burden.

Prioritize Vulnerabilities

Combine vulnerability data, threat intelligence and data science for easy to understand risk scores to quickly identify the highest business risk.

Powered by Nessus technology and managed in the cloud, Tenable.io provides the industry’s most comprehensive vulnerability coverage with the ability to predict which security issues to remediate first. Using an advanced asset identification algorithm, Tenable.io provides the most accurate information about dynamic assets and vulnerabilities in ever-changing environments. As a cloud-delivered solution, its intuitive dashboard visualizations, comprehensive risk-based prioritization, and seamless integration with third-party solutions help security teams maximize efficiency and scale for greater productivity.

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