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Manage the ongoing problem of workplace non-compliance with our new training content:


Time for New-school compliance training at a no-brainer price

While compliance training is necessary, it doesn’t have to be “Ugh! Here we go again, let’s just get through this!”

Up to now, compliance training has a reputation for being challenging for organizations to offer, difficult to do right, and hard to move beyond a tick-box approach. Old-school compliance training is generally very expensive to deliver because of the high per-user price tag. 

Executives have struggled with compliance training issues for years

Senior Management, Risk, Compliance, and HR executives have been struggling with compliance training for years. Difficult topics are not sufficiently addressed causing major gaps between your current and ideal states. Linking compliance training to specific outcomes has been hard, and many executives even disagree that compliance training has a positive effect on their culture.

One of the most critical factors of meeting compliance requirements is your users’ understanding of those requirements and actually applying them on the job.

Time for new-school compliance training: Compliance Plus

You told us you were ready for New-school Compliance Training, so we decided to bring you a whole new way to do compliance training… the KnowBe4 way: up-to-date, engaging, relevant, short, and customizable!

Compliance Plus training is interactive, relevant, and engaging with real-life simulated scenarios to help teach your users how to respond in a challenging situation. The content addresses difficult and sometimes chaotic topics like sexual harassment, diversity and inclusion, discrimination, and business ethics. Compliance Plus includes various types of media formats and reinforcement materials to support your compliance training program.

Compliance Plus Training Topics Include:

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

A varied and diverse workforce brings myriad benefits to any organization; from differences of background and experience to new approaches to business problems. Encouraging acceptance of such a workforce is a key goal of diversity training covering topics such as recognizing and addressing microaggressions. Our training on microaggressions approaches the issue head on and explains how to help your users avoid these roadblocks to an inclusive and equitable workplace.

Data Privacy

Personal data is one of the most valuable commodities organizations like yours hold. Ensuring your employees know the value of this information, both to your customers and your company as a whole, is vital to continued business success and reduced risk. Our data privacy training content lays out the importance of data privacy, the risk inherent mishandling personal data, and the potential consequences of non-compliance with data privacy rules.

Data Protection

Good data protection practices will strengthen trust in your organization and foster customer loyalty, which are essential to maintaining profitable lifetime customers. The overall goal of these courses is to create informed employees that can identify personally identifiable information (PII), understand how to handle it, and make better privacy decisions that ultimately reduce risk to your organization.

Business Ethics

In today’s highly-regulated environment, it’s critical employees understand the key values that guide your organization’s operations and culture. Our business ethics training content allows you to educate your users on the key legal requirements and ethical principles involved in working for your organization. The ultimate goal is to set a solid ethical framework and foundation to orient employees to do the right thing.

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Workplace Safety

The possibility of unexpected physical dangers, such as workplace violence, active shooters, or biological health hazards have become an unfortunate reality of the modern workplace. This training content teaches employees the vital steps they need to take in the event of situations like an active assailant attack at their workplace.

Deliver Fresh New Compliance Training Content Easily and More Effectively

Compliance training typically once a year is far from enough to train your users effectively or reinforce the important legal and regulatory requirements your organization needs to address for compliance. With a growing library of 200+ items and a constant cadence of always fresh, up-to-date and short content from KnowBe4, you can stay on top of current compliance requirements and deliver a variety of training campaigns to your users on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Just as security awareness training creates a strong human firewall, Compliance Plus gives your users the interactive, engaging training they need to ensure that your organization complies with the laws and regulations that apply to your industry sector.

Because Compliance Plus is an add-on training library you can add to the KnowBe4 platform, you have the same robust training campaign and automation features that you use for your security awareness training. Features like branding, certificates, auto-enrollment of users, tracking learner progress and completion rates, and advanced compliance reporting are all already in place.

With the KnowBe4 platform and Compliance Plus you can:

  • Run a best-practice compliance training program with everything you need that will engage your learners
  • Easily link your compliance training efforts to real and specific outcomes
  • Create tailored compliance training campaigns that target the right users for the right compliance requirements
  • Track results and see trends over time on how your users’ personal risk scores impact your organization’s overall risk score

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