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Values & Culture

Thuthukani Technology Solutions focus is on customer satisfaction through job excellence. The company delivers solutions and services, on time, that meet customer expectations and perform as expected. Customer satisfaction is further delivered via well-engineered designs, coupled to a well-managed and controlled implementation and Thuthukani’s commitment to enduring quality.

Customer, partner and employee satisfaction are essential components of realising this vision.

Our quality objectives include:

  • Complying with customer business requirements, policies and procedures
  • Improving by adopting industry best practices and methodologies
  • Developing human resources

To achieve our objectives, we focus very strongly on the PRINCE2 methodology for project management during all implementations.

All our people are professional and experienced and are able to engage with customers to gain an in-depth understanding of their business and requirements. They will then expertly craft and design solutions based on this knowledge and understanding.

Moreover, Thuthukani applies renowned business methodologies as its benchmark; relies on respectable hardware suppliers, both nationally and internationally; takes full responsibility for the implementation process; utilises scientifically-established programmes like BeatCAOS™ when it comes to maintenance; and establishes and maintains a controlled infrastructure environment that works

Thuthukani aims to be CRISP in everything it does. To this end, actions are measured against the company’s CRISP formula. CRISP stands for:


This is demonstrated through every customer interaction. Customer loyalty is critical. Promises and deadlines are not negotiable. Losing is not an option. 


Thuthukani seeks outcomes from every action. It strives to solve problems and to add value. It is tireless in the quest for positive outcomes. The focus is always on delivery and ensuring it works.


Thuthukani adopts a creative approach, applying intellect to every opportunity. Thinking about the long term. Doing it differently and better. The company has exceptional intellectual resources, thanks to hiring only the best. These people always look for better ways to solve problems.


Thuthukani offers a rare combination of talent and skill, thanks to people who are respected for their knowledge and who are trusted and trustworthy.


Clients’ business success is the core focus. Thuthukani provides meaningful, sustainable and workable solutions. Knowledge-sharing is a given and improvement a constant pursuit. Clients are not just customers, but partners.