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IMMUNE Technology Strategy

The average IT security environment is a mess, as most CISOs have been acquiring a wide range of technologies over the course of many years to address the many challenges their complex environments face, leaving their overall environment disjointed and dispersed.

We have seen clients have as many as 85 different security products from 45 different vendors. Think about it – all of them have to be installed, configured, learned, managed, patched and upgraded; This is truly a nightmare, particularly given the lack of skilled resources generally available to help with management thereof.

This ad-hoc approach is costly and complex, yet many CISO’s think that if they have coverage in these areas, then they’re protected.  The coverage is important, but the question should be: ‘are they integrated?’ In other words, are they working together across multiple teams, locations and platforms? Do they offer the visibility needed to confidently claim the organisation is protected?  Realistically, how can any security professional gain any valuable insight and control when all they see is this type of operational complexity?

Our IMMUNE Technology Strategy delivers an integrated and holistic approach that is centered around a cognitive core of security orchestration and analytics. This continuously understands, reasons, and learns the many risk variables across the entire ecosystem of connected capabilities.

These capabilities also connect to an open partner security ecosystem of more than 100 ready for IBM Security partners; and IBM QRadar includes over 500 out-of-the-box connectors to provide even more integration with other third-party tools. This powerful integration helps increase visibility into hidden risks that would otherwise be missed.