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Professional Services

Thuthukani offers robust professional services that dramatically accelerate your success by utilising the experience and know-how of talented technical professionals with vast capabilities in platform engineering, custom development, integration, remote and on-site training, and full lifecycle project management. Our field-tested professionals are skilled in harnessing the massively scalable architecture of our solutions. Highly experienced fixlet and application developers deliver custom development to provide unparalleled ‘outside the box’ innovation, while world-class project managers employ the most efficient project toolsets and technical business analysis methodologies.

Sustaining Service

These services include:

  • Deployment, which involves providing assistance with hardware and software requirements; planning and installation of the Bigfix server and MaaS360 Administration Portal, MaaS360 CloudExtender, console, and relays; agent testing; deployment of agents and MaaS360 mobile application; and project management. Service options include: remote (16 hours), standard (32 hours), advanced (40 hours).


  • Optimisation, which includes reviews of hardware, configuration and settings of the Bigfix server and database, MaaS360 Administrative Portal and CloudExtender; overall deployment usage, best practices for consoles and agents, MaaS360 mobile application; relay deployment details, configurations and bandwidth throttling; performance testing for server insertion rates, console refresh rates, agent responsiveness, and other performance metrics. Service options include: remote (4 hours) and advanced (24 hours).


  • Upgrade, which typically includes reviews of upgrade processes, potential changes of behaviour, requirements, and features; pre-upgrade health checks; review of your current configuration including the impact on customized integrations; assistance with planning and/or performing component upgrades; post-upgrade health checks; and project management. Service options include: remote (4 hours) and advanced (24 hours).

Managed Services


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