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Advanced Workload Protection for the Modern Data Center

Operationalize consistent security on workloads running in virtualized, private and hybrid cloud environments with prioritized vulnerability reporting and workload hardening with industry-leading prevention, detection, and response capabilities. Tightly integrated with vSphere, VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload provides a simplified deployment experience that alleviates installation and management overhead.

Reduce the Attack Surface and Harden Workloads

Easily audit current system state to harden workloads against attack. Enable IT to better operationalize hardening and collaborate with the security team, reducing your attack surface and risk.

Secure Workloads Against Emerging Threats

With advanced workload protection from VMware Carbon Black, block both known and unknown advanced attacks – including malware, fileless and living-off-the-land attacks.

Increase Visibility Across Environments

Evaluate more than 2,000 configuration states on your workloads and run ongoing assessments to track IT hygiene over time. Detect any attack that gets through perimeter defenses and respond quickly.

Simplify Operations Across IT, Security, and Development Teams

Replace multiple security tools with advanced workload protection built for today’s needs. Provide a single source of truth to enable collaboration, reduce friction, and accelerate response.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management is foundational to hardening and protecting your workloads and infrastructure. But it’s not about finding the most vulnerabilities, it’s about finding the right ones, at the right time, and accessible to the right people. With consolidated security in a single platform, you operationalize the patching process, unify security and IT teams, and close security gaps faster.

Replace legacy antivirus on servers

Modernize your IT stack for better performance and strengthen your security posture by replacing legacy antivirus on servers. With next-generation antivirus included in VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload, you can intelligently monitor and understand workload behaviors for more effective hardening. 

Threat Hunting

Investigations that typically take days or weeks can be completed in just minutes. Collect and visualize comprehensive information about your workloads and efficiently scale threat hunting efforts by combining cloud-delivered threat intel and automated watchlists.

Track IT Hygiene

With security embedded directly into the infrastructure, you can easily audit current system state to track security posture and harden workloads, while enabling easier collaboration between security and infrastructure teams to address known vulnerabilities.