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Is your business phishing-proof ? Businesses and employees are under attack, are your virtual entry points under lock and key?

A recent cybersecurity statistic has suggested that phishing is by far the largest contributor to malware ending up on endpoints and devices. Just to recap if you haven’t seen it… it was found that almost all malware arrived on computers via email and that was accurate for 94% of cases.

Even more concerning is the fact that the number one type of social engineering attack is PHISHING, accounting for more than 80% of reported incidents.

Phishing is bigger than ever!

Fraudsters take advantage of various online activity spikes and irrational or rushed behavior brought on by high shopping season periods, like Black Friday and festive season special offers, and more recently increased vulnerabilities brought on by forced remote working with the COVID-19 outbreak.

According to Atlas VPN Google has flagged over 2 million websites as phishing sites in this year alone. Atlas VPN added that the number of new phishing sites has been steadily increasing each year since 2015, but it’s now higher than it’s ever been.

Are you sufficiently protected? 

How prone are the users on your company network to falling for a phishing attack? Educating your employees is a vital part of protecting your business against cyber attacks but at the same time what have you done to protect devices and computers on your network?

There are true anti-phishing solutions that are designed to protect employees from unknowingly initiating a data breach and exposing critical business and customer data.

Phishing took on a new form…

Employees are only one side of the coin, how are you protecting your customers and your brand from attacks? Yes, we meant customers, the ones that buy from you.

More recently, hackers have started attacking customers in an attempt to get their personal and payment information to take their money. These types of attacks impersonate your brand and while your customers are targeted, the brand being spoofed also suffers considerable damage. Why would we say that?

Think for a moment, emails and special offers are fake, sadly your customers don’t realise that until after the fraudsters have taken their money. Who do you think they are going to blame when their purchase doesn’t arrive or isn’t fulfilled and even worse their credit cards are hit with fraudulent transactions repeatedly?

Your business and brand will be blamed and painted red all over social media, online customer review scores take a knock, and more importantly, they won’t trust your business with their future purchases. The worst part is, the R5000 they were going to spend with you is gone, they can’t get it back, they didn’t end up spending it with you, well at least not for real so there’s financial loss for your business and in addition, you have suffered reputational damage so there goes repeat business too.

Will you be taking action or will you be another cybersecurity statistic? 

In summary, phishing is far from dead, 2020 has given it fuel and it has taken on some new and more advanced shapes and characteristics.

Phishing attacks are no longer just to steal information, but it is used in more persistent attacks, and to gain entry into your business and IT network. Without detection and early warning systems, it will take longer to realise there’s been a breach and by the time the breach or leak has been detected, it is catastrophic. Phishing attacks consistently change and try different tactics to obtain access to systems or steal information such as mimicking senior management, payroll departments, and company-branded marketing material.

You CAN control the security of every device and endpoint in your business and on your network. With the right solution, you can even manage and control the myriad of unsecured spreadsheets scattered across your business. Negligence and ignorance of employees account for the majority of cyber attacks and it only takes a click on an email. We can help you to discover previously unidentified and unmanaged endpoints in your business and we will ensure your company network and all devices on your network is secured.

Ensure that you understand all the potential cybersecurity risks faced by your business and that you have adequate protection and prevention mechanisms in place.

We offer free cybersecurity health checks and can tailor-make solutions to fit and secure your unique business, BIG or small.

Find it. Fix it. Secure it…FAST!